Enrollment Forms

Parents must complete all required forms for enrollment using Transparent Classroom.

Required for preprimary:
  1. Child Development Questionnaire
Required for preprimary & primary students:
  1. Influenza Virus Form
  2. Know Your Childcare Center Facility Form
  3. Rilya Wilson Act Form
  4. Distracted Adult Form
Required for all students:
  1. Emergency Medical Release (two originals, signed & notarized)
  2. Discipline Policy: preprimary & primary or elementary & middle school
  3. Enrollment Form
  4. General Release Form
  5. School Entry Health Exam (from pediatrician or Health Dept.)
  6. Certificate of Immunization (from pediatrician or Health Dept.)
  7. Birth Certificate or Passport copy 
Supply Lists:   
Documents for families:
If you have questions or need assistance with Transparent Classroom, please contact our front office.