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We welcome your volunteer participation and encourage you to become a member of the FTA. The board and at-large members can answer your questions or you can stop by the school's front office for more information about FTA meetings, school events, volunteer opportunities and community outreach.

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Your 2016-2017 Executive Board

Tiffany Wilder

Vice President                 
Christine DeFerrari


Ryan Koski

Durga Sptaru

Members-At-Large:    Melissa Ordonez , Tiffany Eaton, Sam Petroshius-Crocker, Kristy Genco, Ashley Gajdosz, Janelle Gabay            

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FTA Calendar 2017-2018

August 9 & 10        Back to School Parent Meetings               

August 25
August 25-27
Barnes & Noble Book Fair Kick Off (4-7pm)
Barnes & Noble Book Fair Shopping Days
 August 21 9:30 Boohoo/Yahoo Coffee Chat
(for Pre-primary and Primary parents)
 October 4 FTA New Parent Welcome Night  
Square One Art Fundraiser
 November 10 Fall Fest  
 November 17-19
 December 8-15           
Barnes & Noble Promo Weekend      
Scholastic Book Fair        
 Mid-December Holiday Show  
 February 9 Campout 
 April 19
Talent Show and Craft Fair
 April/May Threshers Game                   
April 30-May 4
Staff Appreciation Week