Extended Care at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy

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Extended Care is available to full-time students ages two years and older, to accommodate the schedules of working parents, or just to add after school activities to your child's day.

Extended Care at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy offers an excellent student/staff ratio, and exciting, creative activities for after school play.

Activities include sports and games, cooking, science, and arts and crafts. Private tutoring may be arranged for an additional charge.

We recognize children need time to simply play and be children, so Extended Care includes plenty of time for social interaction and free-exploration on the playground.

In addition to Extended Care, weekly extracurricular activities are offered, including sports, dance, music, and art depending on student interest each year. Details and schedules are announced throughout the year.

Extended Care is available from 7:30 AM to 5:45 PM whenever school is in session, as well as during most conference and professional days

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