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Carline/Drop-off Reminders

Dear Parents and Other Drivers,

During carline, please help us keep students safe. Primary and elementary students should remain in the cars with the doors closed until a staff member comes to open the door and escorts them to the building. Middle school students may exit the cars on their own if all cars are stopped and their teacher is present to receive them. Please also have students keep all body parts inside the car during this time. We understand the children are excited to see each other and sometimes want to wave out the windows or put their heads through the sunroof, however this is a safety concern.

If you arrive after your child's class started, please park and sign your student in at the front office. If you are volunteering, dropping a child off for extended care, or it is necessary for you to come in for another reason, please park in a parking space and use the crosswalk to escort your child into the building.

In all circumstances throughout the day, if you must enter the building for any reason, please make sure to park in one of our parking spots and not in the fire lane. The fire lane is solely for moving vehicles during carline or for the fire department to use in the case of an emergency.

Thank you!

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