COVID-19 Safety Web Pages & Survey

Dear Families,

We hope you have enjoyed the summer! We know many of you have multiple questions. We will work to answer all of them before the start of the new school year. This email will provide you with answers about the extra safety precautions we will take as we welcome all of our students back to school. After you have a chance to review this information, we have questions for you that will help us with our planning. You can assist us by completing the survey at the end of this note. Thank you for working with us as a team so that we can provide the education and care that is needed for your children in the most safe and helpful way during this unique time.

Please follow the link provided at the end of this message to view our COVID-19 safety procedures for the start of the school year. Also, we have slightly amended the calendar to include group orientations or “phase-in” days for elementary and middle school students. This will allow teachers to start with a smaller group and orient the students to some of our new safety precautions. Preprimary and primary students have always started the school year with group orientations, so their process will stay consistent.

Additionally, you may notice that the school calendar is amended to exclude extended care for now. We want to avoid mixing or combining groups of students as much as possible. To meet these guidelines, we will not have before and aftercare to start. We will let you know when this policy changes.

After you have the chance to look at our COVID-19 safety procedure web pages, please fill out the linked survey to let us know if you would like your student(s) to begin the year on campus or online. Online services will be offered for primary through 8th grade. Please let us know by July 23rd. If you give us an answer and then change your mind, that is okay. We just want to get an idea of the numbers for planning purposes.

After we have more information from the survey, we will solidify class lists and share these with you. That future email will also include supply lists. Additionally, information from the survey will help us plan specific drop-off and pick-up times. We hope to keep these times close to the regular pick-up and drop-off times while staggering them as much as possible so that the groups do not mix.

We look forward to taking every step that brings us closer to starting the 2020-2021 school year. It has been nice to see families during summer camp and make-up days, but we cannot wait until everyone is back together either here on campus or online to start Safety Harbor Montessori Academy’s 26th year!

COVID-19 Safety Web Pages

Beginning of the School Year Survey

With the most sincere thanks!

Germaine DiJohn

Associate Head of School

Safety Harbor Montessori Academy



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