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Middle School Education at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy

Ages 12-14

See a glimpse of our Middle School in the following

video called "What do teenagers need?" 

Our middle school program is designed to be academically challenging, personally empowering, and responsive to the unique personal and social needs of early adolescents. Modeled after Maria Montessori's philosophy, our Middle School offers a balance of academics, work experience, and commmunity service. The mission of our middle school program is to forge the connection between adolescent development, social awareness, and academic learning.

Students are given the opportunity to do meaningful work, to be leaders, to learn in groups, to work independently, to take appropriate risks, and to learn from both their successes and their mistakes. Students are taught effective time management and organizational skills, and are expected to take responsibility for their education. They are encouraged to express themselves, to reflect on whom they are becoming, and to understand and empathize with those around them.


Our Middle School students complete a 1 week internship during the school year. 7th grade students intern with SHMA staff on campus, and 8th grade students intern with a local business or organization of their choice in a job simulation exercise. This valuable experience helps prepare them for the workplace and become more involved in their community. The school's lunch program is planned and operated by the Middle School and involves planning the menu, speaking to vendors, tracking inventory, processing orders, accounting, and serving lunch each day. Profits from the lunch business help fund the Middle School's Adventure Trip in May.Academic work is arranged in four nine-week themed cycles, and is designed to cross the traditional curricular boundaries. A high level of personal responsibility, accountability, and parent involvement helps develop responsible work habits.

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