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Physical Education at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy

Because we recognize the importance of movement in learning our facilities include a fully-equipped children's gymnasium and a full-time athletic director. Maria Montessori stated over 60 years ago that "one of the biggest mistakes of our day is to think of movement by itself, as something apart from the higher functions." Current research confirms that movement activities play an important role in brain development. Our program integrates movement with academic learning, while encouraging creative expression and a healthy attitude towards physical activity.

Children's physical abilities develop along individual timetables, just like other aspects of their development. We teach skills according to their readiness level, while teaching the fundamentals of sports and good sportsmanship.


Safety Harbor Montessori Academy Physical Education

All our after-school sports programs are coeducational, encouraging our boys and girls to develop respect for one another's talents. We believe the benefits of boys and girls competing together can be seen on and off the field, and will have far-reaching benefits in our students' personal and professional lives.Our sports program is led by Mark Robinson, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and school cofounder. Sports include flag football, basketball, soccer, wiffle ball and golf. Elementary students compete in intramural games, and middle school students play in the Pinellas Athletic League of Schools and compete against other local independent schools.

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