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The Montessori Approach

Modeling Peace Through Grace and Courtesy

We invite you to read this powerful article from Montessori Services, which describes how the Montessori approach integrates grace and courtesy as daily principles naturally within its curriculum. Read the full article >>

The Montessori approach is based on Dr. Maria Montessori's method of education, which concentrates on the child being the focus.


This approach centers around the philosophy that children learn through their observations and experiences. It is carried out in classrooms that support a rich, educational environment. Children's individual needs are met as they mature from early childhood into young adulthood through lessons that activate all of their senses and tap into their natural curiosity. Multi-aged classrooms encourage children to have many experiences, from being new and being helped by older children in the group, to becoming leaders themselves as they grow a year or two older in that same classroom.

The Montessori approach sees the child as an eager learner, wanting to initiate their own learning and wanting to do what is necessary to create work he or she can be proud of. Teachers provide positive, prepared learning experiences with the child's individual needs and progression in mind.

It's an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child. The Montessori approach focuses on meeting all of the important aspects of the child and their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive developmental needs.

So, exactly what is Montessori and how can it help your child? Learn more about the Montessori approach by watching this creative video, a collaboration between Montessori parent Trevor Eissler and the 321 FastDraw group. Watch what it means to "see the light in the children's eyes!"

The Montessori approach is quite different than the traditional classroom approach. If you watched the video above, you heard the voice of an enthusiastic parent who feels that the Montessori approach "stokes the flame" of learning in his children.

His quote, stated near the end of the video says it all:

"Montessori is the best method of schooling I have found for children to joyfully and effectively learn independence, responsibility, self-discipline, leadership, initiative, strong academics and a lifetime love of learning."

This approach, which fosters a lifetime love of learning, along with the strong academics acquired during their years at a Montessori school will build a foundation that fully prepares the Montessori student for their high school and college years and beyond.

For more about how our school utilizes the Montessori approach in classrooms and beyond, visit the Safety Harbor Montessori "OUR SCHOOL" page.

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