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Spanish Education at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy

The main goal of the Spanish program is to provide a positive learning experience by having a wide range of teaching aides and promoting opportunities to use Spanish both inside and out of the school environment.

A special emphasis is placed on the way the students process information, specific to each student's learning style, interests, needs and abilities. In addition, our program will strive to present the curriculum in a manner that is relevant and in context with the students' everyday life experiences, both at school and home.

Our program will focus all aspects of Spanish communication and cultural awareness such as listening, speaking, customs, food and celebrations around the world.

Spanish lessons will utilize engaging, hands-on activities which include songs, games, movements, and visual aides that are pertinent to the theme being taught.

Safety Harbor Montessori Academy understands the importance of exposure to more than one language at an early age, and we begin offering Spanish to our pre-primary level children twice a week. By first grade, and following through all the way to eighth grade, we offer Spanish four days a week.

By graduation, students are well prepared and have fulfilled their requirements for more rigorous high school programs that require at least one year of formal study of a world language.

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