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Pre-Primary Education at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy

Pre-primary education at Safety Harbor Montessori is designed to be a gentle transition from home to school. Through close cooperation between parents and teachers, the children gradually gain the level of comfort required to separate from their parents without the anxiety often associated with the first school experience. A trusting relationship develops between teachers, parents, and children, which leads to the healthy growth and development of all of the pre-primary children in the learning community.

Language development is very important in children of this age, and they are particularly sensitive to receiving information through the use of all of their senses. Movement is also very important, and their environment is designed to focus on both gross and fine motor skills. They are able to develop physical coordination, enjoy music and rhythm exploration, and learn in a "big" way, involving their whole bodies.

Use of practical life materials aids the children in developing independence, concentration, coordination, and a sense of order. Children who are ready may participate in experiences with letter-sound association and numeration.

Creative expression takes the form of movement and music indoors, and exploration of nature, art media, sand, and water outdoors. At this stage of development, children love to take long walks outdoors, exploring every rock, leaf, and bug along the way. We encourage them to observe nature, and to interact and create with nature's treasures. Because a small group size is necessary at this stage of development, pre-primary enrollment is limited to 12 children.

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