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Elementary Education at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy

Ages 6-12

The Montessori elementary classroom is a uniquely personal and dynamic educational environment. Children are viewed as individuals, and lessons are given to meet their needs, according to their levels of development. All aspects of the children, including their intellectual, physical, and emotional needs are considered in forming individualized educational plans.

Each curricular area is broken down into a series of sequential lessons, using
materials that gradually take children from concrete thought to abstraction.
The materials are designed to be self-correcting, which builds self-reliance
and an intrinsic love of learning.

The math curriculum follows a distinct sequence of materials which create
concrete visual impressions in the minds of the children, as to the meaning
of our base ten math system and mathematical operations, as well as
algebraic and geometric concepts. The teacher assesses the child's
progress and presents lessons as the child demonstrates readiness for them.

The reading program effectively integrates whole language with phonetic-based techniques, which enable the students to read and write as naturally as they speak, while mastering the specific word attack skills ultimately leading to higher level comprehension. Each child's reading program is individualized, and structured to meet his or her learning style and level of development.

Cultural lessons presented in the social studies and the sciences are intriguing and exciting. They promote creative thinking and problem solving, and lay a strong foundation for the acquisition of complex scientific theory, geographic concepts, and cultural awareness.

Computer technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum, including the use of the internet for research and cultural exchange. The arts, Spanish language, and physical education are explored with the help of specialists in their fields. A significant goal of the elementary program, is to help children understand the complexity of the world around them and their responsibility toward it.

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