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Primary Education at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy

Ages 3-6

As children begin to develop a greater sense of independence and more refined coordination and communication skills, they are able to join the primary program.

Over the course of three years, children become absorbed in the study of numbers, mathematical operations, letters, words, and the use of writing instruments to express their thoughts, both pictorially and through the written word. They become interested in cultural studies, such as geography, art, and music. Nature study continues to fascinate the children, and they begin to classify the plants and animals they see.

Physical education is also an important part of the primary program, and the Spanish language continues to be introduced. Fine arts development is encouraged daily in the classroom and through weekly instruction with art and music specialists.

Our primary program is designed to give children a well-rounded approach to learning. In addition, the sense of community that develops in each classroom provides a warm, secure atmosphere that supports the learning process. The children develop independence, concentration, self-discipline, coordination and confidence.
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