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Safety Harbor Montessori Academy Curriculum Guide

Safety Harbor Montessori Academy is a community of teachers and learners whose goal is to inspire passionate scholarship and compassionate citizenship. Children are guided by a deep sense of integrity, responsibility, compassion, and determination to achieve one's personal best, from ages 2-3 years old all the way through Middle School.

The Montessori philosophy is at the center of everything we do at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy. We emphasize the natural rewards of learning that go hand-in-hand with an engaging, child-centered approach to education. All learning spaces encourage curiosity, independence, creative thought, a strong work ethic, and respect for our local and global communities.

We created this curriculum guide with the goal of sharing and explaining the different types of work that our learners experience at each level of their development at Safety Harbor Montessori Academy.

Early Childhood: The First Plane of Development

Elementary Level: The Second Plane of Development

Middle School Level: The Third Plane of Development

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