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Daily Extended Care

If you do not have a prepaid Extended Care plan, you may pay for daily drop-ins to extended care here. Please choose morning care, afternoon care, or both, and select the day for which you are paying.


Daily Rates are as follows:


Morning Care: $12

Afternoon Care: $18

Morning & Afternoon Care: $30 

Half-Day Afternoon Care: $25*

Morning & Afternoon Care on Half-Days: $37*

Full Day Extended Care when there are no classes: $40*


* See "Rates for Selected Dates" below.


Daily Extended Care

    • Morning care is from 7:30 am until classes begin
    • Afternoon care is from Dismissal until 5:45 pm
    • Full Day Extended Care when there are no classes is from 7:30 am to 5:45 pm.


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